Chakra Affirmations

Let’s revisit affirmations ! I don’t want to be too redundant if you read the first blog on affirmations. But just in case you didn’t, here’s a definition. Affirmations are the act of asserting something firmly and publicly; emotional support or encouragement. So when you write out a list of affirmations you are asserting toContinue reading “Chakra Affirmations”

Mercury Retrograde and Friends

Everyone talks about Mercury retrograde which yes, it can be a pretty big deal. However, all the other planets plus Pluto go into retrograde too ! So today we’re gonna talk about what they do and how you can use them to benefit your life. Since people are most familiar with Mercury, we’ll start there.Continue reading “Mercury Retrograde and Friends”

Numerology Basics and Angel Numbers

Numerology is cool to know for a lot of different reasons. One of them is that it’ll better help you read tarot. It’ll also help you to decipher messages and signs from your spirit teams. Numerology can also lead you to things like your life path number and destiny number which can help you betterContinue reading “Numerology Basics and Angel Numbers”

5 Signs You Need An Energy Cleanse

When I very first experienced spiritual baths I had no idea what an energy cleanse was. The woman selling them was just someone that I wanted to support so I dove in ! I don’t think that taking one without technically “needing” one can hurt anything. However, needing one but not recognizing it can absolutelyContinue reading “5 Signs You Need An Energy Cleanse”