5 Signs You Need An Energy Cleanse

When I very first experienced spiritual baths I had no idea what an energy cleanse was. The woman selling them was just someone that I wanted to support so I dove in ! I don’t think that taking one without technically “needing” one can hurt anything. However, needing one but not recognizing it can absolutelyContinue reading “5 Signs You Need An Energy Cleanse”

5 Ways To Protect Ya Neck

When you’re in both the spiritual world and the physical world alike, the ability to protect ya neck (yourself, word to WuTang) is like the most important thing ever ! Not in a paranoid way where you’re always looking over your shoulder but protection by being proactive and using discernment. This blog will give youContinue reading “5 Ways To Protect Ya Neck”

Healing Crystals

You’ve probably been seeing Instagram and Pinterest babes posting aesthetic pics of crystals on window sills and all that jazz. You’ve probably seen memes about girls and their rocks too. And you’ve probably seen the woowoo shit about witch bitches saying they can heal or read you with crystals. Today, my friend, you finally learnContinue reading “Healing Crystals”