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Live A Charmed Life

It’s your turn to feel like The Chosen One. Enjoy specially Charmed products, rituals and services by #TheAriesAlchemist.

Product of the month from The Aries Alchemist

The Entire More Love More Life Collection Is 50% Off For Sweetest Day Weekend !

The More Love, More Life Charmed Collection is inspired by and co-created with my SoulFriend/TwinFlame, Champaign Ray Elizabeth Vazquez. This collection is PERFECT for Sweetest Day because it inspires self-love, attracts other peoples love to you and balances your heart chakra. Proudly made in Dayton, Ohio. No coupon code needed !

Alchemy /ˈalkəmē/


a seemingly magical process of transformation, creation, or combination.

Text ALCHEMIZE to 833-547-2539 to get weekly channeled messages from Spirit straight to your phone !

Book A General Reading

This is the best choice for anyone who just wants to know wtf is going on but who doesn’t have any specific questions.

See What The Homies Are Saying

Text AFFIRMME to 833-547-2539 to get occasional affirmations straight to your phone right when you need them !

Learn 11 Ways To Live A Charmed Life

PreOrder the e-book/journal combo to help jumpstart your spiritual journey !

Manifest /ˈmanəˌfest/


display or show (a quality or feeling) by one’s acts or appearance; demonstrate. to make ones thoughts appear in tangible form.

Text SHADOWS to 833-547-2539 to get occasional shadow prompts straight to your phone to help you ascend !


Join A Ritual

Look out for the next love, money and protection rituals being offered ! You can also book an Alchemical Customs Ritual, created and Charmed specifically for you.

  • Each card has an individual standard meaning.
  • The picture and what you notice in it first tells a better story.
  • Real food is real medicine. Learn the benefits of different herbs.
  • Herbs are also super awesome for spellwork !
  • Put these jawns in your pocket, ya bra, under your pillow… anywhere for real.
  • Learn the different things you can do with ’em.

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Support The Store

I’m aiming to open my very own metaphysical shoppe complete with a community garden by April 2025 !

#LLCREV – Never Forget Champaign Ray Elizabeth Vazquez, my best friend, my best muse, my soulmate, my avo, my TWIN FLAME, my absolute favorite person in every single lifetime.

May 6, 1992 – May 28, 2021