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Smell ya later alligators ! Lol jk The Aries Alchemist

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  1. Smell ya later alligators ! Lol jk
  2. 111. Do this as soon as possible !
  3. 110. Scorpio + Libra: The truth is about to be revealed !
  4. 109. Cancer: Decide what’s worth it
  5. 108. Pisces: it’s best for you to just gon come clean
  6. 107. Capricorn: We gotta backtrack a little
  7. 106. Virgo: Everything is falling apart so it can come back better
  8. 105. Taurus: your main new year resolution
  9. 104. Sagittarius: It’s your job to speak up this time.
  10. 103. Believe it to achieve it, deadass

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