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18. Collective readings by each sign ! Aries Alchemy Tarot

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  1. 18. Collective readings by each sign !
  2. 17. You may have hit a little rough patch
  3. 16. Let them know this ain’t no damn hide and seek 🤣
  4. 15. Learn to trust your intuition 😮‍💨
  5. 14. Yes, they’re cheating 🙁
  6. 13. Karma is fair but you still have to do your part 🍃
  7. 12. Let go of what no longer serves you and get money 💰
  8. 11. Time for you to learn to ask for and accept help !
  9. 10. You’re doing everything right !
  10. 9. Trust that it’s all happening FOR you

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