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Let Me Work My Magic For You !

September Date TBA

Fast Money Cash $chmoney Bay Leaf Ritual

These rituals are for those of you who need or just want extra cash and free things for any positive reason ! I focus on getting you money that has little to no hard work on your end.


– I am a money magnet !
– I love money and money loves me !
– Every dollar I spend comes back with two of its friends !

September Date TBA

Always Strapped Obsidian Protection Ritual

This protection ritual is especially for those of you in dangerous situations or who tend to live life on the edge. I focus on keeping you as unbothered as possible.


– I am always in the right place at the right time !
– I am safe and secure everywhere I go !
– A fiery wall of protection stays around me at all times !

September Date TBA

More Love, More Life Self-Love + Abundance Ritual

This is for my peoples who could stand to love themselves a little more and who deserve good things despite how the world has treated them.


– I deserve to experience love in the way I feel it best !
– Every single day I get better and better in every single way !
– I am loved and supported unconditionally !

On Your Time

Alchemical Custom Ritual Just For You

If you don’t want to join a group ritual or you feel like you need something that isn’t offered in the preset ones, we can whip something up just for you, baby !