Prayer Rocks

“Prayer is your strongest form of magic.” – Iyana The Alchemist

photography of stones

Sometimes our prayers could use a little extra power. Or sometimes a ritual strengthens our intent.

Take a prayer rock into your hands, close your eyes and say your prayer. Blow on your rock and bury it wherever you’d like or throw it into a body of water. You’ll know what to do by how your thoughts feel, don’t overthink it.

Watch your prayers manifest !

Each prayer rock that you order will be hand selected specifically for you. Shipping included.

Prayer Rocks

1 for $2.22 | Put up a lil somethin’ somethin’ special for yourself.

3 for $5.55 | Send out a prayer for you and your loved ones.

5 for $7.77 | Spread the love as far as you’d like or use all 5 prayers on yourself. It’s your prerogative.

Giving Back

The profits made from this item will be raffled off each month to pay it forward and help someone in need. Be sure that you’re following me on social media to be considered !