More Love, More Life Collection

You Deserve More Love + More Life

Launching May 6, 2023

The More Love, More Life Charmed Collection launches May 6, 2023 in honor of Champaign Ray Elizabeth Vazquez. I chose that day because it’s her birthday ! My favorite love and the one who’s always the life of the party ! If you follow my personal pages on any social media you already know about Champ. She’s my soulfriend fiance who passed tragically May 28, 2021. are custom made specifically for YOU ! They come with a reading so that Spirit can let us know exactly what you need. They products are all non-refundable.

I blend these to give you a renewed vigor for life, dragging you out of the slumps and infusing you with unconditional love so you can both spread and attract it more easily. It also attracts abundance (monetary and non monetary) and adventure ! These charmed babes inspire you to be a free spirit and go for what you want. I been in here singing Spice Up Your Life to it (iykyk). I did my best to embody the best parts of my bestest friend and even left it on my altar for her and the planet Venus to charge it for me.

More Love, More Life Charmed Oil

These Charmed Oils stay Charmed for 66 days and come in 2 fl oz dropper bottles. Place 2 drops on your wrist and 3 by your heart chakra !

More Love, More Life Charmed Scrub

These Charmed Scrubs stay Charmed for 66 days and come in 4 oz glass jars. Use it during your Charmed Bath and follow up with a Charmed Oil.

More Love, More Life Charmed Baths

All Charmed Baths come in a pack of 3. Please carefully read the directions that come with them to get the most out of your baths !

More Love, More Life Charmed Sprinkles

These Charmed Sprinkles have a 1 week processing time and stay Charmed for 33 days. They come in 2 ml glass jars and are best used on 7-day candles. Any candle is fine though !

P.S. Holla at me if you think I should start selling the candles already dressed *insert thinking emoji*

More Love, More Life Charmed Jars

These Charmed Jars stay Charmed for 33 days. They come in tiny glass jars so that you can throw them in your purse or pocket, comfortable sleep with them under your pillow or if you’re like me, keep them in your bra !

Not Sure If You Should Go For It ?

Book a reading to see if you need one of these products or if there’s another solution for you.

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