Mindy’s Planet

Mindy’s Mission

To inspire underserved children to invest in creating a successful future for themselves and our community as a whole.

Mindy’s Vision

A planet where all children can easily eat, read and grow into healthy adults.

The Planets Core Values

Literacy, Advocacy and Social Equity.

Mindy’s Planet advocates specifically for underserved children residing in zip codes considered a food apartheid. This is their way of starting to level the playing field. Malnourishment and poverty together cause a defeatism culture that ruins many childrens path to greatness before they even know the path exists. Sometimes, the only way they learn that there is hope is through reading books that show different ways of living.

Mindy’s Current Project

The current goal is to raise $2000 by August 1, 2024 to buy a plot of land and start their first solo community gardening project in West Dayton !

100% of your donation goes directly to this project and can be made via cashapp.