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Choose Your Charm; Book A Reading Or Ritual !

I offer options for ERBODY ! If you’re local to Dayton, Ohio you can book an in-person reading at The Wellness House. I also offer phone call and email readings so that no one is left out.

I do group rituals for love, money and protection once a month. I also do individual rituals for those of you who don’t want to wait or need a little something extra.

Most Popular Services


General readings are for when you don’t have any specific questions and just want to see what Spirit and your ancestors think is most beneficial for you at this time.


Oracle readings are for when you know you’ve been getting signs but you’re not 100% sure what those signs mean. This is where I’ll contact different people from your Spirit team and see what they’re talmbout !


This reading is for when you very literally have one specific question. There are no clarifying questions that come with this so if you might want to know something else too, definitely book a different reading, pooh.


The Fast Money Cash $chmoney Bay Leaf Ritual is for those of you who need some more money, QUICKLY ! This can come in the form of tips, gifts, discounts, free stuff, job opportunities, raises and more. I leave it pretty open and ask it to come with little to no work on your behalf.

Coming Soon !

I’ve been putting together classes for you all on a few different topics ! I’m also learning more about charming (consecrating) spaces, which means to make them spiritually cleansed and sacred. Follow the blog to be the first to know when these services launch !