Numerology Basics and Angel Numbers

Numerology is cool to know for a lot of different reasons. One of them is that it’ll better help you read tarot. It’ll also help you to decipher messages and signs from your spirit teams. Numerology can also lead you to things like your life path number and destiny number which can help you betterContinue reading “Numerology Basics and Angel Numbers”

5 Ways To Protect Ya Neck

When you’re in both the spiritual world and the physical world alike, the ability to protect ya neck (yourself, word to WuTang) is like the most important thing ever ! Not in a paranoid way where you’re always looking over your shoulder but protection by being proactive and using discernment. This blog will give youContinue reading “5 Ways To Protect Ya Neck”

Readings On Spotify & Anchor

I have a podcast ! I’m super excited to also be offering readings this way because not everyone wants to watch a video. Hell, some people’s eye don’t even work ! So now I have another avenue to do daily readings AND talk about spiritual topics. The Readings Schedule Readings are on an 3 weekContinue reading “Readings On Spotify & Anchor”