Being More Intentional

Hey friend ! lol Apparently people just really love when I say that. But anywho, this won’t be long format or seo ready or any of that jazz. I have a smooth 10 people following the blog and I literally love yall so much. Thank you. I decided that in 2024 I’m going to really put the effort and energy I was putting into all my clients from my primary business into this business, making it the new primary. So we’re not technically gonna act like I just opened buuutttt… January 1 is gonna be a new me lol I’m going to republish the blogs I’ve already written to come out one at a time each week. I can’t pressure myself to actually WRITE once a week so I’m updating and republishing the blogs to give me time to write meaningfully until I free up time to the point where I CAN write weekly. Okay love you guys bye !

P.S. Don’t forget that the halloween sale is tomorrow ! Everything is 13% off w the code HAUNTED

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