Chakra Affirmations

Let’s revisit affirmations ! I don’t want to be too redundant if you read the first blog on affirmations. But just in case you didn’t, here’s a definition. Affirmations are the act of asserting something firmly and publicly; emotional support or encouragement. So when you write out a list of affirmations you are asserting to yourself, the universe, God, and all witnesses thereof, that the encouraging thing you’ve just said is true !

But They’re Not True

I post an affirmation each and every day on my personal Facebook and Twitter Accounts. Sometimes they really, really resonate with my audience. Other times I get 50 comments saying things like, “I wish this was true for me.” I get it, you don’t want to feel like a phony. You’re NOT a phony. The point is to say things that you WANT to be true. Consider it like putting in a special request. The more you put the request in for something, the more likely it is that you’ll get what you’ve been asking for.

How Affirmations Work

First, I have another definition for you. A cognitive dissonance is “the state of having inconsistent thoughts, beliefs, or attitudes, especially as relating to behavioral decisions and attitude change.” When you say an affirmation that isn’t currently true such as, “I am a millionaire,” your brain starts scrambling to resolve that cognitive dissonance. Meaning that it works to bridge the gap between reality and the statement you made.

Think about times where say you’ve purchased a new car, a honda civic for example. As soon as you get yours, now it’s the only car you see ! Is everyone suddenly obsessed with you and being a copycat or were they always there ? They were always there, you’re just more keen to identifying it. Our brains do a great job at filtering out things we don’t care about and aren’t familiar with.

So it goes with affirmations and resolving that dissonance ! Once you put your request out there your brain is way more keen and open to things that will help you make your request true. At the same time, you’ll want to be realistic. If you currently have $6.14 and the most you’ve ever had is $5,000… trying to manifest a million bucks will end up being more discouraging than encouraging. Start small, something that makes sense for you.

Daily Chakra Affirmations

I recently got the idea from a tiktok to target your chakras with each affirmation. Let’s break it down ! For each of the seven chakras they recommended that you start them out differently instead of always saying I am. Their claim was that “I am,” statements only balance the root chakra. That’s not true but still, the rest of what they said was work exploring.

The Lower Chakras

The root chakra is all about safety, comfort and stability. Saying , “I am” manifests things that are rooted in your stability, in your belief system. Say things like, “I am safe in my own body,” “I am fully supported in all endeavors,” or “I am comfortable in my own skin. It’s best to breath into wear your tailbone is and see red while you recite these.

Your feelings reside in your sacral chakra. For women, that has to do with your womb care too so it’s something to really pay attention to. When you recite affirmations for this chakra you’ll want to use, “I feel.” Say things like, “I feel good about my decisions,” or “I feel all my emotions fully and release them.” Breathe into the area under your navel and imagine an orange glowing light as you recite these.

Behind your belly is your solar plexus ! For this chakra use, “I happily.” The solar plexus is where our fire, passion, happiness and joy come from. Breathe into your diaphragm deeply while imagining a yellow light and recite affirmations like, “I happily follow the path I’m being guided on,” or “I happily resolve conflict as it arises.”

It’s Mid Aka The Heart Chakra

The heart chakra bridges the gap between the lower and upper/higher chakras so she gets her own section. Love and money are closely related, I say that all the time. Your heart chakra and hand chakras are tied together. It’s fitting that the heart chakras energy is green like money ! So when you do these affirmations, say, “I love”. “I love what I do for a living.” “I love myself as I am now.” “I love the details in the fabric of my life.” Be sure to breathe into your heart space !

Lower Chakras

Next we have the throat chakra which of course has to do with our voice. So for these, use “I speak” statements. Breathe into your throat chakra and imagine a light blue glowing light. Say things such as, “I speak the truth no matter what,” or “I speak up for myself.” You can also use, “I communicate,” statements like, “I communicate my ideas clearly.”

For the third eye chakra we say, “I see.” Remember that this has more to do with inner vision than outer vision. The third eye is located between the eyebrows so close your eyes and breathe into that space. Imagine a glowing indigo light and say something like, “I see a bright future ahead of me !” This is a great way get prophet with it and really form your future.

Last we have the crown chakra. Of course it’s by your brain and has to do with knowledge and discernment. Look all the way up and breathe into that beautiful noggin of yours. Imagine the colors white or purple. We’re using “I know” statements now. “I know that I’m on the right path.” “I know that I’m being divinely guided.” I know that whatever happens next is going to be what’s best for me.”

Try It Out

Once one becomes truth, I simply replace it with something else that I want. I want to share that joy + tons of other ways to help you practice getting the things that you want. If you’d like an Oracle Reading to see what affirmations your ancestors suggest for you, you can order one by clicking the button !

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