Once In A Blue Moon

This year’s Blue Moon takes place on Wednesday, August 30th and peaks at 9:36 pm Eastern Standard Time. As I’ve spoken about before, you can use the moon’s energy three days before and three days after its peak. Just, of course, that day it’ll be more potent. This one is considered a supermoon and it’s a full moon so it’s a pretty big deal !

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What Is A Blue Moon ?

First, let’s talk about what a Blue Moon is in general. I know y’all have heard the phrase “Once In A Blue Moon” before, right ? The first thing you need to know is that the moon will not actually appear to be the color blue. Yes, that disappointed me too. It’s an additional full moon that shows outside of the standard 12, about every two and a half years. We usually have a full moon about every 29.5 days so it sort of has the same feeling as a leap year. Since months typically have 30 to 31 days instead of 29.5, every few years or so we have an extra one to make up that time. Fun fact: February never has a Blue Moon and sometimes it doesn’t have a full moon either.

What Is A Supermoon ?

Now let’s get a little more information on what a supermoon is. A supermoon is a full or new moon that “nearly coincides with perigee”. I didn’t know what that meant either. Long story short, it’s when the moon is closest to the Earth so it looks extra big. The technical, sciencey name for it is a perigee syzygy. Try saying that 9 times fast ! Supermoon is actually an astrological term, not an astronomical one. A lot of people believe that the various supermoons we’ve had are the cause of many natural disasters but NASA ‘n nem’ say there’s no scientific proof of that.

What To Do With A Full Moon

During full moons in general that’s the best time to release. Think of new moons as a clean, blank slate. You can’t see the moon so it’s like a bit of nothingness that you have the opportunity to build up or manifest whatever you want. As we attempt to manifest while the moon waxes, we often gather a bunch of junk that we don’t need. So once we reach the full moon and as it wanes, we have the opportunity to let go of what’s no longer needed. Rinse and repeat, the cycle starts over each month.

This Super Full Blue Moon in Pisces

On August 30, 2023, while we have a Blue Moon which is super rare, a supermoon which is ginormous and a full moon ripe for release, there’s a lot of special energy circulating. Pisces is tied to a dreamlike state and illusions. Sometimes even straight delusion. This means the fact that this unique astrological event is taking place in the realm of Pisces encourages us to specifically get rid of old storylines that aren’t rooted in reality. When we have these faulty storylines in a way that harms us, it backs up any blessings waiting to rain down on us.

Example: Let’s say that you have this storyline that all men are bad people but you like to date men. This may create the illusion that you’re destined to be alone despite really craving a romantic connection. Or that you’ll have to settle for a relationship that’s subpar. This will create all sorts of negative patterns and cognitive dissonance that can cause you to act out in a way that makes it hard for you to find happiness within. So the week of August 30th would be the best time to deprogram that idea and let the story go so that you can attract someone worthwhile.

Once In A Blue Moon Cord Cutting Ritual

I have a special ritual going for this to help you release ! If you’ve never done shadow work or unpacked to get to the root of the things, it’s going to be hard to do that yourself in the span of a week. This ritual, taking place Wednesday will help you to speed up the process. Wednesday is Mercurys day which is all about travel and communication which means that the energy aligns PERFECTLY for it. The odds are so in your favor !


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