Mercury Retrograde and Friends

Everyone talks about Mercury retrograde which yes, it can be a pretty big deal. However, all the other planets plus Pluto go into retrograde too ! So today we’re gonna talk about what they do and how you can use them to benefit your life. Since people are most familiar with Mercury, we’ll start there.

P.s. We’re about to have 7 different planets in retrograde at the same time !

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It’s A Retro Summer

Each one will start and end at different times but they’ll all hit this summer for sure. A couple are actually already going on now ! Most people who have a slight awareness of retrogrades panic. Pop culture has also made people think it’s all about an ex coming back. It’s not lol That only happens once in a blue moon, on certain occasions.

What Does Retrograde Even Mean ?

So wtf is a retrograde anyway you ask ?? A retrograde is when a planet looks like it’s moving backwards in the sky. Heavy on the looks though because planets don’t actually pause and start rewinding like that. It just looks like it from its relative location to Earth. Nonetheless, it makes the things the planets rule and affect go kind of backwards.

Mercury Retrograde

This is the one that keeps the gals and guys shiverin’ in their timbers ! Mercury goes into retrograde for a few weeks 4 times each year. This summer it’ll be retrograding in Virgo from August 23rd until September 14th. Yes, it may affect Beyonce’s birthday. Tragic.

What the planet does

Mercury is the planet that controls travel and communication. Its day of the week is Wednesday. It also talks about how you process information and learn.

What this means for you

You’re gonna find it hard to find the right words to express yourself during this time period. The best thing you can do is stay as present as possible. You don’t want to accidentally say some shit that you can’t take back ! Virgos are known to be pretty humble and industrious. They’re quick on their feet too. This means while the Mercury retrograde is in Virgo you may feel a little haughty too which can even more so cause you to make some irreversible statements.

Pluto Retrograde

This baby rock is already in retrograde and has been since May 1st. It’ll be over on October 10th and is teetering Aquarius and Capricorn.

What the planet does

Pluto is pretty chill and stays in each sign for up to 3 decades. So I like to call in the generation planet. People within your generation likely have the same Pluto sign. It affects your power, how intense you are, how much control you have and crave and what your obsessions are.

What this means for you

This 5.3 months will be giving you the opportunity to confront your shadow self. That’s the darker and edgier side of you that you typically try to keep under wraps. This means you’ll find yourself in plenty of conflict – anywhere from passive aggressive tit for tats to full blown elbow throwing – in order to really observe and unpack why you react the way that you do. Evaluate your relationship to power too. A lot of people don’t realize that most of their relationships include power struggles.

Aquarius is typically a lone ranger so you can definitely expect this to have you on a solo journey. Especially when you throw that Venus retrograde in the mix. Capricorns can be materialistic so that may be a huge part of your shadow that you’ll be getting to know.

Saturn Retrograde

Saturn will be retrograding in Pisces from June 17th to November 4th.

What the planet does

Saturn is the planet of protection ! Its day of the week is Saturday. It should just be called Saturnday right ?! It’s also called the social planet. With both of those characteristics, it ends up affecting how responsible you are, what you’re afraid of, your self-discipline as well as your restrictions, limits and boundaries.

What this means for you

This is a time where you might feel like the normal boundaries between you and others are blurred. or you may find out that there are no boundaries present at all and that that’s ya damn problem now ! You’ll also have plenty of opportunities to evaluate your relationship with authority. Do you feel safe in your city ? Your immediate environment ? Your home ? Or your body ??? This is also a good time to look up what your karmic lessons are in this lifetime. I personally use the Tarot & Numerology App. As long as you insert accurate info, they’ll be accurate.

Neptune Retrograde

This retro is also in Pisces from June 30th to December 6th.

What the planet does

No Pharell involved with this Neptune but it’s still pretty cool. It sticks around for about 14 years so it’s another generational type thing. Neptune rules your dreams, imagination and your unconscious. It always reminds me of Pisces so it’s cool that it’ll be in Pisces this time.

What this means for you

If you’re someone who believes that you can handle the truth, Neptune retro will absolutely be testing that theory. Make sure you’re paying attention and listening closely. People aren’t out of character during this time. Pisces is the sign of the dreamer so you’re likely to try making excuses for these people when shit hits the fan. They’re just exhausted and the veil is thin so they’re accidentally being their full selves for better or for worse. Make sure you’re paying attention and acting accordingly. Not just to others but also to yourself ! Expect to be all up out of your comfort zone.

Venus Retrograde

The planet of love goes retro July 22nd and stays that way until September 3rd in the sign of Leo.

What the planet does

As mentioned already, Venus is the planet of love. Its day of the week is Friday and it has heavy Taurus energy. In regards to love, it’s gonna tell you both how and what. How do you love and best feel love plus what qualities you’re attracted to.

What this means for you

Your love life and your financial affairs are likely to take a hit here and there during this 6 weeks are so. The purpose is for you to sitcha ass down and evaluate what it is that you’re truly committed to. If you’re in a relationship that isn’t doing it for you… go ahead and just let it fall apart. Leo is a prideful sign so you may want to keep things going just to say, “I told you so.” Please resist the urge !

Jupiter Retrograde

Jupiter will be in retrograde in the sign of Taurus from September 4th until December 30th.

What the planet does

Jupiter controls things like long-term goals and business. It’s social planet and rules how optimistic you are – or aren’t- and how you expand when it comes to those goals.

What this means for you

This is an introspective time for you to sit down and see if what you’re actually doing is pushing you towards your long-term goals or not. You’re REALLY going to have to be honest with yourself if you plan on making next year your best year. Your number one goal should be to re-align with your higher self for good. Do the work. Taurus is all about comfort so you’re likely going to want to stay put and cozy in familiarity. This will only hurt you in the long run.

Uranus Retrograde

August 28th to January 27th of 2024 this will be retrograding in the sign of Taurus.

What the planet does

Uranus stays in each sign for 7 years and affects innovation, rebellion and how you progress. This is going to give you a little insight on what your karmic lessons are and is especially great to study if you’re an entrepreneur.

What this means for you

This is NOT the time to do it big or go home. Huge steps will do nothing but burn you out and knock you back some. During this time baby steps are really gonna do you right but it’ll feel counterintuitive. These baby steps will even be super helpful if you decide to take them in the completely opposite direction of where you were heading before this. Again, Taurus loves a good comfort zone. You won’t learn your lessons and move forward during this lifetime if you decide to stay comfortable.

And Also… Mars

Mars isn’t retrograding this summer but it’s still worth talking about for when it does come around. You won’t see/feel it until December 6th of 2024. So just don’t forget that you read this.

What the planet does

Mars is the planet of war and aggression. Its day of the week is Tuesday and it carries Aries energy. So it deals with how you assert yourself and how you get active. It gives you info regarding how ambitious you are and what you can expect when it comes to your sex life.

What this means for you

When Mars goes into retrograde it’s time for you to practice peace and do some journaling. What are your triggers ? Once you realize what they are, unpack why it’s even a trigger for you in the first place. Focus on self-care during this time to help keep you calm.

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