Numerology Basics and Angel Numbers

Numerology is cool to know for a lot of different reasons. One of them is that it’ll better help you read tarot. It’ll also help you to decipher messages and signs from your spirit teams. Numerology can also lead you to things like your life path number and destiny number which can help you better understand yourself.

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Numerology 101

This is one of the easiest schools of spiritual thought I’ve come across honestly and I’m happy to pay it forward bc it’s so simple but so impactful !

0 – A cycle

1 – New beginnings, leadership

2 – Partnership, duality

3 – Growth, creation

4 – Protection, stability

5 – Change, conflict

6 – Celebration, community

7 – Rest, strategy

8 – Abundance, mastery

9 – Fulfillment, finish line

10 – Resolutions, endings

Keeping those keywords in mind, also pay attention to the context in which the number is shown. If you’re wondering whether or not you should change careers then you remember you’re driving and look down seeing that you’re driving 55mph, it probably means that it’s time for a career change. It doesn’t hurt to ask for confirmation !

Angel Numbers

When people think about angel numbers they think of like 11:11, 222, 444. Pretty much repetitive numbers and especially triple digits. But really any number can be an angel number as long as it’s being sent by your angels ! For example, if you catch the time at 5:47 a few times in a row then you run to the store and your total is $5.47 that counts. You can figure out what 547 means a few different ways.

You can add up the sum of the digits. 5 + 4 + 7 = 16. Then reduce that to a single digit. 1 + 6 is 7. So seeing 547 could be telling you that you need more rest or to research something more. You may also look at the digits separately. These keywords are associated with 547: change, conflict, stability, protection, strategy, rest. It could be letting you know that a difficult change is coming to one of your relationships but that you’ll be safe so just take it easy. Last, there are plenty of websites that define angel numbers for you. You’ll likely find conflicting meanings. That’s where your intuition and discernment come in ! Go with the definition that sticks out to or resonates with you most.

What’s That #

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