5 Signs You Need An Energy Cleanse

When I very first experienced spiritual baths I had no idea what an energy cleanse was. The woman selling them was just someone that I wanted to support so I dove in ! I don’t think that taking one without technically “needing” one can hurt anything. However, needing one but not recognizing it can absolutely have negative effects. You can always use your own discernment and get a divination session first if needed. Still, here are several signs for you to know whether or not you need an energy cleanse !

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What Is An Energy Cleanse

Firsties, what is an energy cleanse ? It’s any tool or ceremony that when used removes or dissolves energy blockages within your body and auric field. This can be a smudge stick, a spiritual bath or even a grounding technique or a particular sound pitch. You can add salt to your body wash even to cleanse your energy or book a full reiki session.

Signs You Need Your Energy Cleansed

If you have all of these signs DEFINITELY get your energy cleansed as soon as possible. Know that you may even need cleansing 7 days in a row in some cases. Or a more heavy duty energy cleanse like an egg cleanse on a Tuesday or a full river dunk.

You Feel Irritated For No Reason

Sometimes people are truly just irritating. So for this sign you absolutely need to use your discernment. It helps to be self-aware for reasons like this ! Let’s say you go to ChickFilA for lunch on a regular basis. If you’ve ever been to that place during that time you know how busy it gets for sure. If you expect it then it’s unlikely you’ll get upset. If for a month straight you find that it makes you irate, that may mean that something is up with your energy.

You Can’t Gain Momentum On Your Goals

If you’re typically a go-getter then you know exactly how it feels to be in flow. If you’re familiar with how it feels to be in flow, you also know how it feels when you can’t get into flow. It’s FRUSTRATING. If it’s been weeks or even months and your goals aren’t gaining any traction, you probably need cleansed.

You’re More Clumsy And Forgetful Than Normal

This one and the next one go together. Flies in the house are usually meant to cause a distraction and show that there are lower vibrations present. The same is true for when you’re clumsier and more forgetful than normal. It’s meant to waste your time and cause you to feel distracted so that you delay yourself.

You’re Struggling To Find Clarity (Special Energy Cleanse)

We often call it brain fog. Never forget that everything physical is spiritual first. When it’s your mind that’s struggling you usually need a crown cleanse specifically. Lavender and amethyst can be a huge help ! Violet flame meditations can help a ton too for this one !

You’ve Been Experiencing Horrible Insomnia

When you’re struggling to sleep or you have trouble staying sleep after you fall asleep it may be that you need cleansed as well. It could also mean that your environment needs cleansed because it could be that things are settling in around you at night. It depends moreso on if you’re having any other issues outside of the insomnia.

Custom Energy Cleanse

You can check out my Alchemical Customs Charmed Collection for a custom bath ! It comes with a reading to see exactly what was going on as to why you even need a cleanse as well. If you’d prefer an oil/scrub combo instead I got that for you too ! Just click here.

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