Fool’s Journey – Part One

The Fool’s Journey details the story of all of our lives. That story is told through the major arcana of the tarot. If you want to know more about tarot in general, definitely check out this other blog.

Major Arcana

These cards in the Tarot deck represent things that are larger themes in your life because they were moreso destined to happen. The energy can always change but when the major arcanas are out, the chances of them changing are a lot less.

Fool’s Journey, The Beginning

This is you ! Little baby human you starting out your journey on earth as a clean slate. So this is card 0. Since you’re a completely clean slate, you represent the power of the moment. This may make you a little naive. Still, you’re ready to go and carrying a knapsack. You take a leap of faith !


One may wonder, what could the Fool possibly have in the bag. You meet the Magician at this point, a masculine energy who mentors you and shows you what you’re capable of. The four suits represents different stages of learning and the emotions that come with it. The wand, your passion. Cups, your raw emotion. A sword, your ability to think and communicate. And pentacles, your earthly possessions and work ethic. At this point you’re receiving signs as to what you should be doing with these tools but the directions are elusive.

High Priestess

A short way away, you see and meet the High Priestess. She’s the yin to the Magician’s yang. This lovely lady has super strong intuition and is able to give you deeper information about what all you can do with your tools. This is also where the minor arcana comes in. Helping you out with all the day to day life stuff as you work on the big picture, your personal legend, alone.

Empress and Emperor

These two give major mom and dad vibes. The Fool recognizes their maternal influences as well as the nurturing energy of mother earth. Also, their paternal influences and the structure necessary to develop into someone productive. This is where the Fool comes to understand more about the laws of the land.


Eventually The Fool ventures away from home and experiences the wider world. They’re exposed to the things that other people believe and the way they live as well as higher education. This is where The Fool starts to learn how to conform with society.

The Lovers

Being out in the world and learning other peoples ways of life, eventually the Fool falls in love. This is when the Fool learns to make major decisions, think long-term and learn to become less self-centered. This is also when they have to start making more major life decisions with more responsibility !

The Chariot

So by the time the Fool becomes a whole adult, they have some mastery over themselves and have sort of perfected willpower and self-control. The chariot is often the calm before the storm. The mastering of self leads them to believe they have control over the other things in the world too and are in for a rude awakening.


Over time, with so many new challenges, the Fool finds that they’re stronger than they’ve realized. Many times they became disillusioned and thought they’d cave but still, here they stand !


Sooner or later the Fool pauses to ask themselves what this is all even for. They’ve spent time learning from their parents, learning from the world and its education systems, learning how to think for a family and for themselves. Now it’s time to go within and understand the spiritual reason for this all. At this time the Fool may seek some type of guide or teacher.

Wheel of Fortune

After plenty of soul searching they begin to see how everything connects. This is one point that not everyone gets to. Some people go into hermit mode and get so disillusioned that they never truly come back out. Others rise above the darkness with a new light of awareness… or a wheel of fortune. At this turning point, the Fool begins to focus more on the unseen than the seen.


The Fool must decide after looking back at their life where they’re going next. But to get there, they may need to balance some scales or make amends.


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