Root Chakra Healing

If you remember from a previous blog, the root chakra is the base chakra ! People also call it the base chakra or the mulhadhara. Let’s dive into more about why you should even care about it.

green tree photo
Tree Root Photo by Felix Mittermeier

Root Associations

The root chakra is associated with the element earth. Just like the roots of a tree dig into the earth ! Thinking more about the tree roots will help you understand more about this chakras purpose. It’s meant to keep you stable, safe and sturdy. It’s located at the base of your spine around the perineum area or tail bone.

The fact that it deals with safety means it’s strongly connected to the fight or flight response. When adrenaline is too high, you go into that response as opposed to the fawn response. This means that it also corresponds with the adrenals in the body – the spine, kidneys, legs, bones, feet, rectum, immune system and teeth.

It vibrates at the number 4. Most people into all the woo woo stuff see 444 and understand that it has to do with protection. So again, this chakra dealing with safety and security definitely makes sense that it would vibrate with such a protective number. Its color is red which we recognize as an alert or danger color. Also correlating with this theme of safety.

Physicalities of the Root

It’s the lowest located and the lowest frequency of the 7 chakras which means it’s also the densest. Having this chakra out of balance means you’ll have problems with your elimination systems. Severe examples would be going septic or developing prostate cancer. You could also get hemorrhoids, cramps or feel chronically fatigued. If you have any of these problems, laughter truly is the best medicine. Low vibrating feelings like fear and anger cause this chakra to go out of balance and if left unchecked, these are the problems that develop.

Balance Vs Imbalance

When it’s in balance you’ll feel generally safe. You’ll also feel secure in your relationships and trust the people around you. You’ll also feel confident that you have everything you need and more to survive. You will have a clear sense of who you are as well and won’t be easy to sway. When it’s out of balance you’ll feel a lot of stress and anxiety and have the urge to isolate yourself. You’ll have trouble finding steady shelter and income as well and will be self-destructive.

Balancing This Chakra

Meditation, yoga, sound therapy, crystals, herbs and oils as well as color therapy work for all chakras ! 285 hertz, preferably the pure tone, help to balance. You can find it on YouTube. Childs Pose is an easy yoga pose to help get you ground yourself as well. The Dessert Rose crystal is an EXCELLENT grounding crystal, probably my favorite. You can also carry garnet, red jasper, carnelian or really any red crystal. Dandelion root, ginger root and virtually any root will help the root chakra, too. Going outside for a barefoot walk in the grass will work wonders.

You know that affirmations are my jam. Here are some that you can say to keep your root chakra balanced after you get it in line:

  • I am FEARLESS !
  • I am safe and sound.
  • I enjoy having financial security.
  • I easily connect to Mother Earth.

Meditating to balance the root chakra is super easy. One way is to sit with your back straight and imagine tree roots growing from your tailbone to the core of the earth. Hold your vision for at least 5 minutes. You can also close your eyes in any position or pose and imagine a red, glowing ball of red light at your tailbone. Feel its warmth and repeat the word ‘safe’.

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