Spiritual Baths

People usually think spiritual baths are cool but don’t always know what they mean or how to use them. Following these directions will help you to have the best experience with your bath. Every step is equally important and best done in order.

Numerology And Baths

tray with bath bomb on tub
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3 is the number of creation and completion, 7 is the number of spiritual fulfillment and higher knowledge. So baths are best done once a month either 3 or 7 days in a row. Most of my Charmed Baths also have 7 ingredients.

Prior to your bath:

– Be sure to clean your house entirely (or at least your bathroom)

– Rinse your body head to toe (NO SOAP)

During your baths:

– Feel free to bring your own crystals, candles or lofi music into the bath to create a lil vibe

– As you run the water, drop the bath bag in and move it around in the water clockwise

– Speak your intentions into the water using “I am” statements. These will be statements explaining why you purchased the bath. Ex. If you purchased the Cash Schmoney bath say things like, “I am wealthy.” “I get money without working for it.”

– Relax in the water for at least 15 minutes, focusing on your goals

– Be sure to get your head wet too


After your bath:

– Let your body air dry

– Moisturize only with natural oil or body butter, chemical free

– Cover your head with a cloth, preferably white for the next 24 hours

– Be sure to get into a bed with clean sheets and blankets

– Say your affirmations 3x a day for the next 7 days

– Dispose of your bath herbs by opening the bag and pouring it under a tree !

Enjoy A Spiritual Bath


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