More Love, More Life

Update: This was originally written April 19, 2023

My More Love, More Life Charmed Collection is launching May 6, 2023 in honor of Champaign Ray Elizabeth Vazquez. I chose that day because it’s her birthday ! My favorite love and the one who’s always the life of the party ! If you follow my personal pages on any social media you already know about Champ. She’s my soulfriend fiance who passed tragically May 28, 2021.

Champaign Ray Elizabeth Vazquez captured by Bunny, #TheVibeCreator

Charmed Products Blended With Love

I blend these to give you a renewed vigor for life, dragging you out of the slumps and infusing you with unconditional love so you can both spread and attract it more easily. AIt aso attracts abundance (monetary and non monetary) and adventure ! These charmed babes inspire you to be a free spirit and go for what you want. I been in here singing Spice Up Your Life to it (iykyk). I did my best to embody the best parts of my bestest friend and even left it on my altar for her and the planet Venus to charge it for me.

Quality Ingredients

All ingredients used are all natural and 90% organic. The oil and scrub have an extra virgin olive oil base. Ingredients include a uniquely weighted and charmed blend of lavender, mint, rose, cinnamon, fenugreek, jasmine, red clover, marshmallow root, honey, dandelion root, rosemary, chamomile and calendula.

That way if you’re allergic to any ingredients you know not to buy it ! I’m not a doctor so I can only tell you my personal experience. Please consult a doctor about any possible contraindications before your purchase. I’m allergic to chamomile (ragweed allergy) and using the oil doesn’t bother me at all because it’s such a small amount.

The Charmed Collection

The More Love, More Life Charmed Collection includes Charmed Baths, Charmed Body Oil, Charmed Sugar Scrub, Charmed Jars and Charmed Sprinkles.

The baths, oil and sugar scrub are pretty self-explanatory. The More Love, More Life Charmed Jars are tiny and made to easily be carried around in your bra, pocket or purse. You can also sleep with it under your pillow to soak up its benefits. After the 33 days, bury it in your yard at home to let the earth transmute the energy and continue to benefit you and your surroundings. Alternatively, you can open the jar after 33 days and put its contents at the root of a tree.

The Charmed Sprinkles can be used in a few different ways. It’s intended to be placed on your candles as a dressing. It’s perfect for any type of self-love, strength or abundance spells. I made sure it will not work on any love spells that interfere with someone elses free will so don’t even try it. You can also use it to line your bed or to make a quick dunk bath for yourself.

I Got You

If you see this and got to the end, use code CHAMP to get 10% off for the first week of the launch ! I also lowkey secretly dropped the Alchemical Customs Charmed Collection on my b’earthday last week ! Use code BUNSZ for 12% off that collection too from now until May 6. Click here to read more about it.

Update !

The launch was successful ! Thank you so much to everyone who has purchased from the collection or joined the ritual. Check it out for yourself.

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