Intro To Chakras

If you’ve been following the blog for a few weeks now then you’ve probably noticed the pattern. I’m covering a ton of broad topics one by one before deep diving into any of them more specifically. So this week, I’m on to charkas. You may not have known this, but they’re more than just tattoos.

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What Are Chakras

Chakras aren’t anything that you can see or touch. This is definitely more of a spiritual ideology than a purely scientific one. Or at least that’s what I thought before learning more about quantum physics. Chakras are different energy fields throughout the body. There isn’t an agreeance about the origin of the or the amount of them. But here where I live in the United States, we typically recognize 7 to 10 of them. 7 is the most popular.

Why The Different Numbers

Just like with anything else that can’t be proven for sure, there are many many versions of it. Western belief is usually that there are 7 chakras that go from the tailbone to the top of the head. They match the colors of the rainbows. Some people also add an eighth chakra above the head called the casual chakra. Others still add two more for each hand, claiming this is how you activate the flow of abundance into your life. Underneath the feet are your earth star chakras that keep you extra grounded. So I’ll super briefly go over the 7 and then we’ll get deeper and cover more later !

7 Chakras

The lowest chakra, resting at the tailbone is the root chakra. It usually has the color red associated with it and you know when it’s balanced because you feel safe and secure. Above it is the sacral chakra. This energy center is by your pelvic bone, like two inches under the naval. This chakra controls emotions and creativity and emotional. When it’s balanced you also have a healthy sex life. It’s represented by the color orange.

Behind your navel and up your ribcage is your solar plexus. This chakra is represented by the color yellow. This one is responsible for things like your confidence and how in control you feel of your life. It’s most directly affected by what you eat. Then represented by green is the heart chakra. The heart chakra rules the way that you both love yourself and others. It guides how you both feel and give out love. Pink resonates here as well.

Your throat chakra is light blue and controls your speech in the sense of what you do and don’t say while your third eye chakra is dark and between the eyebrows. Your third eye chakra governs your awareness so that you know what’s even available to be said ! Last we have the indigo crown chakra. This one may be the most important as it rules the mind and discernment.

Blocked Chakras

Blocked chakras can cause all types of problems. The quickest way to diagnose and get possible fixed to a chakra block is to get a reading. Click here to book one ! I’ll get more into blockages and imbalances later, alligator !


As the weeks go on I’ll be giving more information on chakras and what you should and can do with them. Make sure you’re subscribed to the blog so that you don’t miss it !

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