Ascension Flu

Ascension is apparently more than just a song by Jhene Aiko. You learn something new every day ! I’ve had physical symptoms over the past few weeks that made me believe I was having a mental breakdown and that my organs were all tapping out. I wish I were exaggerating. I went to the hospital a total of 4 times in 3 weeks. Here’s what was really happening.


amazing moss grown initiation well built from stone bricks

I was led to buy a deck of oracle cards one day while browsing books at Barnes & Nobles. I refer to it as the Soul Deck. Because I lost the box and forgot what it’s actually called. But the theme of them is that they’re ancestor messages meant to guide your soul in the right direction. Within this deck, there are a few cards I get CONSISTENTLY AF: Deep replenishment, Trust Your Path, Leap, Take A Break and… you guessed it. Initiation. After reading the excerpt that accompanies it, I understand it intellectually but not what it’s supposed to look like in the realm of my life.

Some short while after I get these cards, I connect with a High Priestess. She lets me know that if I haven’t already, I’ll be getting initiated soon. I’m just like… oh okay, cool. I don’t really understand what it means or what I would even be getting initiated into. At this point this spiritual journey is all new to me, I am lost and I’m just trusting that my intuition is being guided by some higher intelligence.

So while speaking on a few other things she asks me if I’m spanish. I say no. She says that yes I am and mentions Santeria. I don’t even know what that is at that point. She says that she sees me throwing up and everything. I think to myself, “why the fuck would I be vomiting,” but decide to just put it outside of my mind.

Then It Happens

I spend months honing my intuition and testing my magic with much success. I’m growing more confident in myself and doing research. I’m connecting with my ancestors more and more each day. I even connect with Ellegua and Santa Muerte. So I’m jazzed up. This is all so exciting coming from being an ex Jehovah’s Witness and being told that this was all demonic. Then one day I just wake up depressed and anxious. I can’t keep any food down. I’m having hot flashes and cold sweats. I’m not sleeping well. My heart is racing out of my chest to the point where I’ve fainted. My entire body itches like crazy. Thinking about how meat comes from living animals makes me cry.

I go back and forth to the hospital, the cardiologist, my regular doctor, the gastroenterologist. I’m contacting other readers, praying like crazy and performing rituals. I even at some point assume that I’m under attack because I’ve somehow dabbled in the wrong part ! I mean I am just SHOOK ! Even my vision is changing and my dreams are wild, for lack of a better word. I’m losing interest in work and finding out my friends aren’t my friends. I’m meeting new people that feel like I’ve known them forever. My relationship with my kids is changing.

It’s truly a lot at once. I decide to go and get an in person reiki session. Everything is completely shut down. She mentions the initiation. She lets me know that I’m safe, I’m healing old childhood wounds and that I just need to stay hydrated and calm. I mention it to a friend and she reminds me how purging both the Black Walnut baths are and the moldavite I’ve been carrying around. Which actually…

The Moldavite And Ascension

I for some reason did zero research on this crystal. This is very out of pocket for me because I typically research everything. I just felt led one day to ask if anyone had one because it was expensive. At this point the most I’ve spent on a crystal was $7 so $113 was STEEP. A friend offered to trade her piece for a reading for a while. That’s when I ask social media what their experience with it was. I was astonished, truly, by people adverse reaction to it. I already have it sitting right on top of my head at this point and I’m feeling good.

Ascension Lift

So the friend reminds me that I have this Moldavite and that I’ve done 3 Black Walnut Baths in a row. They’re both heavy duty and I shouldn’t have done them if I wasn’t ready for major upheaval. My life has always been chaotic so I just can’t possibly imagine anything happening that I wouldn’t be prepared for. Well, it’s true when they say, “You just don’t know what you don’t know.” So I believe I’m dying but the doctors are all telling me it’s anxiety. My friends are telling me I’m going through some type of mysterious rite of passage into a gang I know nothing of. My Unicorn Magic Oracle Deck then gives me the card, “Ascension Lift”.

Similar to The Initiation card, it talks about rapid spiritual growth and how it’s brutal. It mentions how important it is to take care of your physical body because you truly need the energy to get through this safely. So that’s when I start to relax a little more. I start meditating more and working less. I also start taking more spiritual baths and engaging in things I enjoy more often. Then I start rapidly dropping weight and marijuana and my medicine in tablet form both start to make me very sick. I have to octuple check that I’m not dying !

Ascension Guides: The Ancestors

Late that night, while sweating, tossing and turning I finally heard it loud and clear ASCENSION FLU. Oh… so that’s a thing ? You bet your bottom dollar it fucking is ! Here’s the best list I found about it. Understanding exactly what was going on helped me understand that not only was I not about to perish but I was becoming more alive ! This flipped a switch in my mind so I could express gratitude for being chosen to be upgraded, to be trusts with such powerful gifts. I am honored and thankful for everything I’ve ever been through that led me to this point ! That makes getting through the symptoms that much easier.

But fucking gahlee was that rough ! lmao. And it isn’t over yet. I’ll update you guys again about who I turn out to be on the other side. If any of this resonates for you, Happy Ascension !

Also…More Products

On a side note, throughout this whole ordeal, part of the clarity I got was on all of the things I’ll be offering with this brand ! I have classes, rituals and products all on the works. One thing I’ve learned while dealing with these symptoms is that the Universe doesn’t give a fuck about my time tables lol So I’ll just let you guys know when they drop. And after I’m mended I’ll be sure to update the website !


Until then, subscribe to the blog. Readings are still open and the text club is still on and poppin’. If you’re feeling really fancy, follow me on youtube as well.

Love + Light

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