Mental Wellness vs Mental Health

BING BONG ! Let’s talk about Mental Wellness. Even more important, for legal purposes, let’s set some expectations by talking about how it’s NOT the same thing as mental health. I’m not qualified to deal with other people’s mental health issues but I CAN guide you to be well. What I can do is share my own mental health journey with you all and encourage you to seek additional help from professionals if needed. However, again, I’m SUPER qualified to help you all out with your mental WELLNESS, and I would absolutely love and be honored to do so.

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Mental Health

Let’s start with talking about mental health because we already hear that term pretty often. According to the CDC mental health includes our emotional, psychological and social well-being affecting how we think, feel and act. It also determines how we handle stress, relate to others and make healthy choices. So when either of those areas are out of wack, shit gets rough. I probably don’t have to tell you that because we both have kids. Say ‘stress‘ !

It’s important to mention that poor mental health doesn’t always result in a mental illness or a mental health disorder. Sometimes it can literally just be a rough patch, like you’re stuck in a rut and just need a helping hand. Additionally, you can have a mental health disorder and still experience plenty of mental wellness. I know that firsthand ! 1 in 5 of us suffers from mental illness so maybe you even knew that part firsthand too.

Mental Wellness

According to the Singapore Association for Mental Health, mental wellness is a positive state of mental health. The Global Wellness Institute adds on to that by saying that mental wellness is a lifelong process and proactive strategy to strengthen our mental, emotional, social and psychological resources. Mental wellness is an internal resource that helps us think, feel, connect and function.

There are some ways that these entities guide us to measure our mental wellness and those include:

  • how good we feel in general
  • how good we feel about ourselves
  • our level of resilience
  • how much we contribute to our community
  • how often we realize our potential
  • having a sense of coherence
  • how well we function in society

“Cool, Why Should I Care ?”

Excellent question, sis ! What’s this have to do with your business ? Aight so boom, you guys know how hard work beats talent, like, all day every day ? When you’re not mental well, you don’t have the mental capacity to work hard, even if you’re ultra talented. When you are deeply tired and feeling stuck in any area of your life, you can’t realize your full potential as a business owner.

I remember being super excited with my plan in hand after getting my degree and KNOWING that I was about to be a millionaire within a year. And then 3 weeks passed and January depression bitch-slapped me into ‘SadTown’. It didn’t matter that I was well equipped, very talented and knew exactly what needed to be done. Because I did not feel well…and no one was there to guide me.

Get With The Program

My personal, lifelong journey with my own mental health and entrepreneur spirit have helped me relate to my clients and my friends with businesses on a much deeper level. It really did something to me to find out that so many of us have been in the same boat before. I also was able to analyze the difference between those of us who eventually were able to keep going and those of us who returned back to “the devil they know” instead of pressing forward to make their business work.

You may not know this about me but I first got diagnosed with depression and anxiety at the ripe age of 8 years old. Since then I’ve been in and out of every type of mental health program imaginable. I’ve also done so much research and interviewing in the late night hours so that I could learn how to live the life I’d see in my dreams. Since then I have owned and operated several brands and businesses that led me to Copacetic Aesthetix, part of the vision I’d always see in my dream life.

And I Want That Wellness For You !

I want you to wake up and realize one day that everything you went through finally makes sense. I want you to see clearly how everything in your life HAD to happen exactly the way it did to lead you to where you are in this moment, reading this blog and contemplating one of the biggest decisions of your life. The decision to finally take yourself and your dreams seriously, the decision to invest in yourself in a meaningful way.

I’ve developed 4 different programs for you, Millionaire Mama, to dive deep into who you are as an entire being and uncover not just what you truly want but what would be best for you and how you process information. Then you have the option to use that valuable info to build a brand that aligns with your soul and doesn’t feel like work. We will build that brand with a firm foundation and systems that help you maintain it long term.

Copacetic Branding + Wellness Programs

The Branding Bootcamp is a 3 month program for women who are ready to start or redesign their dream business. I’ll be teaching you how to dive right into building a strong foundation and testing the waters.

The Wellness Workshop is a 3 month program for women who know something is missing but they’re not sure what it is. All they know is that they’re ready to be free from the everyday grind. They’re ready to find their purpose.

The Copacetic Soul Program is a 6 month program that combines both the previous ones. It’s for women who would like to build a business that aligns with their purpose They just need to figure out what their purpose is first.

The Copacetic Aesthetix Guided Journey gets a little bit more hands on. I’ll be building your website for you and helping you make your business official.

Which Program Resonates With You Most ?

If any of these sound like your jam, let me know ! I’m looking for just 10 women to pilot these programs at a discounted price so that we can refine and perfect them before I completely switch my entire business around ! Fill out the form below and I’ll email you more detailed information. And until then, Keep It Copacetic.

On The Chiller Side

Getting a reading DEFINITELY will give you clues as to how you can get well and that information is curated just for you and you only ! Book with me.

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