Minimalism is key. When you have larger than life dreams and visions, like wanting to quite literally change the world, you HAVE to have tunnel vision. Tunnel vision, according to Google Dictionary, is “the tendency to focus exclusively on a single or limited goal or point of view.” So to achieve tunnel vision EVERYTHING EXTRA MUST BE CUT OUT ! With every decision you make from here on, I want you to do something. Just pause and ask “does this bring me closer to or pull me further from my goals ?”

Photo by Ksenia Chernaya

Marie Kondo Style Minimalism

There are hundreds of books and articles you can read about minimalism. What’s most important to note is that you have to tailor it to your circumstances. For example, if you’re on a mission to become the most revolutionary fashion designer of your time then taking Marie Kondo’s advice to minimize by only owning 7 outfits wouldn’t work for you. Instead, take an inventory of your life and see what you can comfortably let go of first.

I work alone and from home so I did take that particular piece of advice. I used to buy a new wardrobe for every season. But I also used to buy new clothes whenever I just didn’t feel like doing laundry. I bought a new outfit for every event or special occasion. I couldn’t even fit all of my clothes in my own room for most of my life. Going from hundreds of outfits to 7 overnight gave me a sense of peace and clarity I was not prepared for. The clutter in my room and in my home as a whole was contributing to the clutter in my mind… and I didn’t even know it. Over the next few days, I surprisingly noticed that all other parts of my life felt a little calmer or at least less chaotic.


This empowered me to keep going and find other ways I could apply Minimalism to my life. With everything decluttered and eliminated that had nothing to do with my goals, I was able to make better decisions. I was much more focused. I had the space needed to achieve tunnel vision.

So I want you to immediately after reading this (the next feasible opportunity if you aren’t home), go clean out your closet. No hesitation, no excuses, no half-assing it. Go clean out and organize one of the closets in your home and just see how you feel afterward. You may surprise yourself.

Minimalism + Spirituality

I heard a tip a few years ago that said if you’re in a bad mood for “no real reason” move around 28 different things in your house. I have no idea what the history or psychology or magic is behind whatsoever but I did it and it worked ! Everything you have holds energy. When you have lots of things that you rarely use or move, that energy becomes stagnant and low vibrational, attracting more low vibes to it. Practicing minimalism is also practicing spiritual hygiene in this sense !


I’ll be talking about more ways to hone your intuition via decluttering your environment ! Plus other stuffs about divination.

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