Easy Moon Rituals

Most of us as regular people who have been to grade school know a little something about the cycles of the moon. I like to call her Mama Luna. You may or may not have known that there are different spiritual rituals that are done best when the moon is in a certain energy.

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Full Moon

When the moon is full it’s the time of year when the cosmic energy comes to a peak and then gives a great sigh of relief. So during this time, it’s best for you to do rituals that deal with releasing. An easy releasing ritual is to write out all of the things you’d like to let go of and then burn the paper. You can also carve the things you’d like to let go of into a candle and let the candle burn as you visualize these people and situations leaving your life for good.

New Moon

The new moon is like on the opposite scale of the full moon. After the sigh, the energy starts rebuilding. So this is the best time to manifest new things. It’s important to use white or light green candles. The white candles can be used to manifest pretty much anything. Specifically, when you’re trying to manifest money, go with the green candle.

This is time for you to make that vision board you’ve been saying you’re gonna make but haven’t. It’s also time to write out and focus on your dream life ! Put on your favorite upbeat playlist and get delusional ! Feel as if you already have everything you just asked for.

Waxing Vs Waning

When the moon is going from new to full, it’s waxing. When it’s going from full to new, it’s waning. So if you happened to miss the day the moon peaked each time, you can still do the associated manifesting and releasing rituals. They’ll just require more energy and intention on your part to fulfill them.

Do Your Rituals !

Aside from the different moon rituals, it’s also a great time in general to charge and cleanse your spiritual tools. Lay your crystals, candles, sage, jewelry and water on your windowsill to soak up the moon energy.

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As the weeks go on I’ll be giving more information on Mama Luna and how else you can use her energy ! Make sure you’re subscribed to the blog so that you don’t miss it !

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