3 Ways To Protect Ya Neck

When you’re in both the spiritual world and the physical world alike, the ability to protect ya neck (yourself, word to WuTang) is like the most important thing ever ! Not in a paranoid way where you’re always looking over your shoulder but protection by being proactive and using discernment. This blog will give you 3 super simple ways to stay protected from negative spirits and energy.

So As Above Is Below…

…or something. I can never remember how exactly it goes. But it means that something done physical manifests spiritual and the vice versa is true too. For example, you wash your hands before you clean your altar. Physical cleanliness vs spiritual cleanliness. It really mirrors each other.

Spiritual Baths To Protect

Spiritual baths can be taken weekly for excellent spiritual maintenance. They can also be taken 3 to 7 days in a row when you’re dealing with a specific situation that you need protected in. Now that we have indoor plumbing and bath tubs, you can actually run yourself a nice warm bath with candles, incense, music vibes and charmed herbs. If you wanna go all the way back to your hoodoo roots, just throw your herbs in a bowl, pray a psalm and pour it over your head when you feel like you really need it.

Protect Ya Neck Oil

Sometimes an oil is just more convenient than a bath. It does the same thing but the oil can be taken with you and just applied in tiny amounts to your skin as needed. Protection oil can also be shared or added to things like your car or wallet so in that sense, it’s more versatile too. My Protect Ya Neck Charmed Oil is currently out for product testing but it’s looking promising so far !

Salt Bowls

Salt is one of the simplest yet powerful protection herbs there is. It will also do whatever you tell it to, it’s an empty vessel. Put salt into small bowls with other a slice of lemon or lime and place the bowls in the corners of your home. It’ll absorb any negative energy and you can just throw it out and add more salt weekly !


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