What Is A Reading

If you’re new to the world of…alchemy ? Astrology ? Divination ? Magic ? Then you’ve probably heard of a reading but aren’t 100% sure what it is. And if you’re anything like me, you probably have even tried getting a free reading before you really knew what the fuck it was. Well, fret not ! Today, we talk about what it is exactly !

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Let’s Read

Generally speaking, when someone mentions a reading they’re talking about intuitive readings with tarot cards. It serves as a means of divining wisdom from the Creator of all wisdom. Almost anything can be ‘read’, not just tarot cards. However, tarot cards are easiest for beginners because they come with set guides. You’ll find others who can read crystals, candle wax, twigs, bones and still… literally anything else.

Tarot Cards

Tarot cards are a form of cartomancy where practitioners use a deck of cards and their intuition to interpret messages about the past, present or future. The energy that connects all of us is said to be a guiding force when delivering those messages. It’s entirely a faith-based practice. The cards are meant to provide deep insight into inner truths you already know but haven’t yet fully realized. Truly, it’s just confirming your intuition.

It’s important that you don’t hear one reading and use it as a means to make a huge life decision. Always take your own person intuition and the context of your life into account. Get a section opinion, talk to a friend. Just be sure before you make a move that you’re aware of the consequences either way.

Reading Energy

For someone, like me, to tap into your energy (our shared energy) in order to read you, you have to be open to it. This means, not anxious and on guard or actively hiding. This isn’t an issue for most people since before our personal awakening, we have no idea how to close or open our energy manually so we’re usually wide open ! You’ll definitely want to subscribe to this blog so that you don’t miss the day I speak on how to keep yourself protected from just anyone tapping in.

When doing a reading remotely, your energy can be tapped into from a picture of you as long as your eyes are showing clearly. Your full name and birthdate can be used as well. Additionally, your energy can be pulled through messages. Think of a time you were texting the phone of someone you know well and could tell that someone else had their phone. It’s because we all have this ability to read energy just not everyone has learned to interpret it.


As mentioned, tarot cards come with a detailed guide, readily available for free online. You can find multiple explanations about every card and how they play out in many situations. However, with so many options, how do you know which one applies ? That’s where your intuition comes in. When you look at the picture on each card, what’s the first thing you notice ? That’s going to be the best indication as to what meaning the card has in the moment and what situation it pertains to.

Free Will

At the end of the day, everyone has free will and can literally do whatever they want to do. When you get a reading, it’s to tell you the most likely outcome based on the current energy. It’s dynamic and highly malleable.

For example, maybe today you get a reading about your long term boyfriend and you’re told that marriage is seen in your future. Congrats ! That reading was based on the fact that you both have been committed and monogamous for the last decade. If tomorrow you decide, “let me a sneaky link in before he proposes and I never have a chance again.” Well… now everything is more than likely different. You’re in a different energy and it has far-reaching effects.

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If you’re ready to see what the future holds or what’s really going on with your life, book a reading with me ! Click here for it. There are a few different categories depending on what you’d like to know. Also, if you’re local to the Gem City, Dayton, Ohio, you can get one in person from me on Monday’s at The Wellness House.

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